Some Hunkydory Collage-a-Card for Him & Her

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C1164 Silver S.jpg H1142 S S.jpg

H1164 Silver

H1142 Silver

H226 W S.jpg H1143 B S.jpg

H226 White

H1143 Black

H1142 G S.jpg H1154 C S.jpg

H1142 Gold

H1154 Copper

H1220 S S.jpg H1223 C S.jpg

H1220 Silver

H1223 Copper

H1154 G S.jpg H1155 G.jpg

H1154 Gold

H1155 Gold

H1219 G S.jpg

H1219 Gold

H1154 S S.jpg H1155 S S.jpg

H1154 Silver

H1155 Silver

H1219 S S.jpg

H1219 Silver

H1155 C S.jpg H1157 S.jpg

H1155 Copper

H1157 Silver

H1220 C S.jpg

H1220 Copper

Fall For Autumn

Full Kit

Only £18-99




Neck Bags

By “Eve”

Peel Off Stickers - With A Hearts & Flowers Theme

A selection of Peel - Hearts & Flowers, mainly from Woodware,  in Silver, Gold Coppers and White. Excellent for putting that finishing touch to your hand-made cards and a variety of other craft projects

Twilight Butterflies

Full Kit

Only £23-99


Gemstone Wheels

H1223 G S.jpg H1223 S S.jpg H1227 C S.jpg

H1223 Gold

H1223 Silver

H1227 Copper

H1227 S S.jpg H1230 G S.jpg

H1227 Gold

H1227 G S.jpg

H1227 Silver

H1230 Gold

H1236 C S.jpg H1485 G S.jpg

1236 Copper

H1245 G S.jpg

1245 Gold

1485 Gold

H1245 Silver S.jpg

1245 Silver

H1883 G S.jpg H1883 S S.jpg

1883 Gold

1883 Silver

H1890 G S.jpg

1890 Gold

H1890 S S.jpg

1890 Silver

H1980 B S.jpg H1980 W S.jpg H2117 C S.jpg H2117 G S.jpg

1980 Blue

1980 White

2117 Copper

2117 Gold

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